The way back home to self + magic for driven creators + wild dreamers
who want true belonging with other extraordinary people, empowerment to trust + believe in their real, most authentic self, and opportunities to stretch beyond their current limits to achieve the daring visions + possibilities inside them

Rebels Hearthstone is a freeing place. A place for solutions where advice is kind and useful. The people I have met here have changed my life.

~ Amy Bright, Creative Director | The Academy of Leathercraft & Lore



Choosing you, living by your own rules, owning your magic, and allowing others to see the real you — the powerful, audacious visionary creator with dreams so big it scares you to speak them out loud — can often lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation. Especially when you’re trying to bridge the gap between multiple worlds like Old You and New You, corporate work and creative endeavors, soul-deep desires and cultural expectations, THIS phase of life and the NEXT…

→ What if I say the wrong thing?
→ What if they judge me?
→ What if no one will follow?
→ What if I lose friends… clients… family?
→ What if I end up alone?
→ And what if, after all that, I’m not the right one to do this ‘thing’ after all?

But that doesn’t stop you from feeling the hunger to expand… to stretch beyond your current limits, creating new visions and possibilities, as you give rebirth to yourself through next level creation. (I feel that way, too.)

That’s why I created and carefully curate Rebels Hearthstone — the way back home to self + magic for driven creators who want true belonging with other extraordinary people, empowerment to trust + believe in their real, most authentic self, and opportunities to stretch beyond their current limits to achieve the daring visions + possibilities inside them.

*reaches out hand*
Come climb the mountain with me.


Through my own personal journey as well as years of working as a creative and intuitive mentor, I’ve learned that community is the foundation of transformation. Tribe has the power to make us or break us. To help hold us through the tension of change or send us packing back to our comfort zones.

Choose the ones who will make you.

Rebels Hearthstone provides you a safe, judgment-free place to be supported on your journey with people who GET you — without any need for excuses and explanations.

This is the space for driven creators like you to

Come as you are + feel loved

Discover more about yourself + your magic

Be supported as you release what doesn’t serve you + embrace what does

Stand strong in your chutzpah… not shying away from the darkness

Feel all your emotions (even the uncomfortable ones) in healthy ways

Be challenged (not guilted) into expansion + creation

Take action towards your Big Dreams

And more

Because you’ve got big things to do. Impactful things. Things that will Blow. People’s. Minds.

…But you need to know how to wield that Creation Magic awakening inside you.

…You need a cheering squad for when the mental gremlins start to attack. (Or those non-sacred-rebel naysayers mess with your mojo and are miffed by your magic.)

…You need people who can help you get realigned, refocused, recharged, and back on your path to creation when you get trapped in your mind, asking the Whats and Hows (instead of the Whos and Whys).

That’s why every month I come to you via live video to share my best energetic insights into what’s happening in the world right now and empowerment tips to help you continue to calibrate your inner compass, invoke your courage, and show up on this planet with power.

Plus, there are opportunities for you to join in Creation Stations (aka “get sh*t done” sessions), trainings, challenges, and more — each designed to help you peel away the doubt, fear, and rules standing between you and whatever you want next.

And with exclusive access to the Rebels Hearthstone Facebook group — which is where everything happens — the best part is connecting with other sacred rebels who get you.

We will help you believe in yourself + your magic so strongly the world can’t help but believe in you, too.

Let’s free your magic.

I’m talking about the deep, inner power that allows you to create, renew, awaken and transform.

To reach into the very heart of humanity and call us forward to a new, better way of being through your pen, brush, voice, coaching, brilliance — in whatever medium you play — until we are alive + dancing to the rhythm of our own dreams.

You are a bold and audacious creator capable of everything you can dream.

And despite what the mental gremlins and naysayers might whisper, your magic is NOT soft and YOU are not soft for choosing it.

You are fierce, ferocious, and fire-forged. Even if you don’t feel it right now. (We got you. We see you.)

So do not make the mistake of relegating you, your magic, or your creations to fluff + “feel good”.

Your magic is lightning + thunder.
It’s hot magma + deep earth rumbles.
It’s hurricane forces + tsunami waves.

Your magic is POWER — with a depth + breadth few are tapping into.

So while we as Sacred Rebels can choose to be soft… Make no mistake!

We are warriors, commanders, strategicians, and leaders capable of not just calling down the lightning, but of commanding the very stars in the sky.

And you, my friend, are one of us — a sister or brother of starlight with magic in your veins.

It’s time to live outside the box — to smash the locks + break the gates holding you back from your greatest potential (as defined by self, not someone else).

“It’s lonely at the top,
so you’d better take someone with you.”

~ John C. Maxwell | The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

Soul Seer + Magic Awakener, I lead driven creators + wild dreamers back to magic.

Whether your sacred creation in this season is yourself, your creative work, or your leadership, my magic is in pinpointing the things beneath the surface keeping you from your magic. I am a mirror reflecting back your truths, your blocks, and your path forward, complete with all the “whats and hows” that will help you break free of your chains.

I can see your soul (like for realsies).

And the most important thing to know is that your soul — with all its colors, gifts, powers, and magic — is never wrong or bad or too much or not enough. It doesn’t limit you or dictate what you can be or how much you can accomplish.

All of that is up to you.

Which is why I CAN’T let you back down. I can’t let you play small. I can’t let you believe for another nano-second that staying where it feels safe is serving your highest call.

You are the one. The right one. The beautifully imperfect one who has been called to change the world.

I believe in you.

Loves & hugs,

Deb has this way of pushing you into growth without guilting or shaming, and I definitely needed to be pushed.

I actually tracked Debbie down as soon as I realized I needed a group… needed to belong to something. I  needed empowerment and belief. So I came because of Debbie, but I stayed because of the challenges, workshops, and other opportunities Rebels Hearthstone gives us to engage in ACTION. So if you’re wondering whether or not you should join us, give it a try. Just push enter. I remember hesitating over the buy button with the question, “Am I really worth doing this for myself?” Yes, I was — I am. You are worth it too.

~ Nikkie Love, Writer + Managing Attorney |


REBELS HEARTHSTONE — AN ALCHEMY OF MAGIC where the sum of the whole is greater than the individual parts.

We — humanity, this planet — need you and the sacred creation you’ve been called to share.

And you need support, connection, belief, respite — especially when you’re used to being everything for everyone else. You need a place where you don’t have to lead for a moment. A place where you can be taken care of instead. A place with people who can help hold your star when you’re struggling and sincerely celebrate you when everything goes so damn right.

So, like a hearthstone in online gaming — a small object one carries that can return you “home” no matter where you are in the world — I’ve designed every experience, tool, training, and prompt within Rebels Hearthstone to bring you back home to your most aligned self and incredible magic, steeped in belonging, empowerment, and opportunities to expand.

No matter where you are.
No matter what is happening.
No matter how hard creation might feel.
Or what critics and trolls have said.

What does that look like?


The Treasure Box

The Treasure Box is where we store all the diamonds, gold, and glitter from days past. You get access to over 30 hours of past masterclass + workshop content… going all the way back to the beginning!

Trainings include:

GENERAL HELP — like mapping your roadblocks, translating goals to the calendar, identifying where you’re leaking energy, and more.
RELEASE TOOLS — like how to write the apology letters you’ve never received but need, heal from negative “hex” magic, use spiritual conversations to release old wounds, and more.
EMPOWER TOOLS — like learning to identify and play with your intuitive gifts, ground to YOUR center, rewrite old rules, and create powerful vision boards + stories
FORTIFY TOOLS — like establishing energy filters (vs. creating shields and walls), setting HEALTHY, supportive boundaries that give you more freedom and power, learning to separate fear from growth, and more.
ESSENCE SPECIFIC TRAININGS — like how to help your kids (and others) based on their dominant soul essence, how to help yourself prevent and heal from burnout, how to leverage your essence in business planning, and more.

Everything is designed to help you calibrate your compass, invoke your courage, strengthen your relationships, and actually achieve your dreams.

The Community

Rubber, meet road.

The Community is where all the LIVE action takes place, building on everything we store in the Treasure box. You won’t have everything thrown at you every month. (No one could keep up with that!) Instead, we plan our months based on the needs of the community.

Each month you’ll experience some blend of the following:


These virtual “events” (anywhere from 2 weeks to 30 days) build soul-sustaining habits that will challenge your comfort zone and reveal your deeper Truths.


Designed as “hands-on” experiences, workshops take you deeper into the ideas, tools, and blocks impacting you and your most important relationships — self, higher powers, creation + tribe.

Creation Stations

These “get sh*t done” sessions are all about YOU CREATING. We start with a release + empower ritual and then it’s full sprint to the finish line. Come create side-by-side with others. And if you get stuck, I’m there to answer questions and help propel you forward!

All-the-Questions Sessions

These laser group-coaching sessions give you a chance to ask ANY* question about life, relationships, leadership, creation, business, and more. Can’t be there live? Submit your question ahead of time and I’ll answer it on the call.

Rebels Night In

Whether we’re watching movies, having a dance party, or drinking our way through “name that tune,” these social events are all about relaxing, connecting, and having fun. (All fun and no play makes Creation a dull friend.)

Prompts + Peers

Frequent self-discovery + reflection prompts are designed to support you in continued growth and connection with the group. This powerful network will help you believe in yourself + your magic so strongly, the world can’t help but believe in you too.

*The only thing I won’t answer in All-the-Questions Sessions is “What essence is my soul skin, habit field, or life lens?” That takes a deep, intimate look at your soul that is only done through an Auric Compass or Soul Map.

Hours of Past Workshop Content

Bonus Pop-up Trainings

Days of Successful Challenges

Cups of Coffee



When you become a member of Rebels Hearthstone, you’ll get first dibs on any up-and-coming Sacred Rebels events, services, products, and more before everyone else. (Retreat in Scotland, anyone? Or perhaps you’d rather ride the rails with me in a multi-day Creation Station?)

I even have experiences only available to Hearthstone members (with special member pricing). So peeps on the outside? They don’t even get a chance to choose in!

Rebels Hearthstone isn’t just a place; it’s a sacred revolution.

This group will grow you in courage and creativity, especially in a time when it’s a necessity.

Honestly, I joined Sacred Rebels for Debbie. I trusted her as a person who knows what she is talking about and as someone who is honest. She is the same person whether you meet her in person or online, and I value that. In the group itself, I like the mix of people — from very practical to super creative — which forces you to see things in a new way or appreciate what you already have. Deb’s approach is open, inclusive, grounded, and compassionate and there is a marked emphasis on solutions. I can actually see an improved change in people, including myself. I love these rowdy, hyper-intelligent people.

~ Amy Bright, Founder | The Academy of Leathercraft & Lore

Who should join Rebels Hearthstone?

Any driven creator, wild dreamer, emerging leader, or multi-passionate magic maker who

Genuinely wants more rich and meaningful relationships with self, Higher Power, peers, partners, sacred creation, and more
Is hungry to live a deeply fulfilling life with joy, excitement, satisfaction, and accomplishment
Desires more confidence to be authentic in any situation
Wants courage to speak up on issues that matter
Dreams of a sacred creation that will impact more than themselves 
Believes (or wants to believe) in magic
Embraces practical “woo”
Takes inspired action
Cares about leaving this planet better than they found it (#prohumanity)

💥  And doesn’t want to do it alone.

My friend… This is home.

Becoming a member of Rebels Hearthstone gives you a place for growth and community. Don’t let the glitter fool you — while we believe in positivity, we also know life is real and shit happens. (We honor that you have shit, we just don’t encourage rolling around in it.)

It’s boot camp, space camp, summer camp, bring-your-cosplay-and-dress-up camp filled with the people, activities, and events that will strengthen your courage, challenge your comfort zone, and lead you towards your deepest magic—the force + tidal wave this world so desperately needs.

Where sacred creation and big dreams aren’t just something we talk about, they’re what we do.

The Investment?

Only $597 Per Year!

Yep! $597 for all 12 months – seriously.
🤯  🤯  🤯

* PLEASE NOTE: Your 12-month membership will automatically renew each year. (Don’t worry, we’ll send you a reminder.) You can cancel anytime before your renewal date with a 7-day notice. No refunds are given. ALSO, everything for Rebels Hearthstone is currently contained within a Facebook Group (subject to change). You are not paying for the group itself, you are paying for access to the challenges, workshops, laser coaching, etc.

After seeing what Deb does, it was a no-brainer. I knew I had to be here.

And the people inside Rebels Hearthstone are amazing. I like the camaraderie. We’re all together, we support each other, we’re there for anything — questions, emotions, everything. Rebels Hearthstone is judgment-free. Take the leap. Embrace it. Do it. The rewards you get out of all of this will come ten-fold and you’re going to say, “Why didn’t I do this earlier?!”

~ Dan Rondeau, Graphic Designer + Strategist | My Marketing VA


Q: What is Rebels Hearthstone?

Rebels Hearthstone is a 12-month membership for driven creators, wild dreamers, and untamed magic makers who want belonging with a positive, supportive tribe where they will be pushed (not guilted or shamed) into reaching for their next level of creation and impact. A hybrid of group coaching, community, coursework, and more, this is the most powerful container available to sacred rebels of magic.

Q: How is Rebels Hearthstone delivered after I sign-up?

After you sign-up, you’ll receive a welcome email with a link to our private Facebook group as well as an email inviting you to “Complete registration” with our membership site. Together, access to the Facebook group and the Treasure Box will provide everything you need to help you align your inner compass, build your courage, and empower your Creation Magic!

→ Inside the Facebook group, you receive all access to the pop-up trainings, challenges, prompts, peers, and more.

→ Inside the membership site we call the Treasure Box, you’ll find ALL of our past masterclasses and workshops organized by General Tools, Release Tools, Empower Tools, Fortify Tools, and Essence Specific Trainings. That’s over 30 hours of organized content!

If you don’t see your welcome email or registration email within an hour of signing up, simply send an email to our Sacred Rebels Team via support (at) debbieburns (dot) me. We will do our best to respond within 48 hours or less.

Q: How much of my time does this require each month?

As much or as little as you want to be involved with the awesome content inside. Based on past experiences of other sacred rebels… you get out of it what you put in. So while I recommend using what you need and not stressing about what you don’t, I still highly encourage you to show up, ask questions, and engage with the community.

No amount of gold is helpful if you never open the treasure chest.

Q: When will my membership be billed?

Annual Memberships are billed annually on the same date (until canceled). We will notify you before your renewal date, so you have plenty of time to opt-out if this journey is no longer for you.

You lock in your membership rate for as long as you continue your annual subscription. (So as long as you stay in Rebels Hearthstone, it won’t matter if the price increases. You’ll always pay the same annual cost you pay today.)

Q: What if I want to cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time with a seven-day notice.

Canceling the Annual Membership anytime simply prevents future re-enrollment. No refunds are given if canceled early and you would retain access to the group + member portal until your annual membership expires.

If you cancel your membership and decide to return later, you will be billed at whatever the current rate is at that time. (So if the price goes up, you pay the higher fee.)

Q: What if I’m having an access issue or have additional questions?

You can email my support team at any time: support (at) debbieburns (dot) me. We will do our best to respond within 48 hours or less.

Q: What if group experiences just aren’t for me or I want more personalized help?

I recommend starting with YOUR MAGIC on my home site. This page will give you an overview of the other services and experiences I offer.

Once you’ve checked those out, feel free to send an email to hello (at) debbieburns (dot) me and let me know what you’re looking for. We’ll talk about where you are now, where you’re trying to go next, what’s getting in your way, and how I can help.


This space is REAL. I love how Deb embraces the wonders and magic in this world and doesn’t shy away from the darker side of life. It’s the same for all of us Sacred Rebels. We all know darkness is there, but there’s also light and we can rejoice in the light.

~ Katie Flashner, The Girl with the Tree Tattoo


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